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Institutional and legal aspects of rangelands development in Uzbekistan

Date: 19.12.2015.

Round table on institutional and legal aspects of rangelands development in Uzbekistan was held in Tashkent on 18 March. The event was organized by the Center for supporting entrepreneurs and farmers in cooperation with ICARDA.

Regional coordinator of ICARDA project Dr Akmal Akramkhanov said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues of rangelands with aim of further facilitation at the government level. The workshop will be essential in formulating next steps and become an important base for the future work, he said.

According to deputy K. Ernazarov, rangelands are the main source of 25.5 million ha of pastures, with vast territories covered in Navoi, Bukhara, Kashkadarya regions and Karakalpakstan. There is no rangeland law in the country. The Land Code has sections on regulation of pasture use and water management. Forestry rangelands use and sanctions are also mentioned in the code.

Small working group have been formed in the UzLiDeP party in Oliy Majlis on rangelands to pay attention to this issue. There is a problem of productivity decline in rangeland plants and forage and respective livestock productivity declines. Rangelands degradation is both economic and ecologic degradation,the deputy said.

The participants suggested to establish a fund for rangeland rehabilitation and monitoring.

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